Dickens on the Strand 2017

Christmas Time means traditions, and one here in the Houston Area is the Dickens on The Strand Festival by the Galveston Historical Foundation, right in the Victorian Historical Landmark District on Galveston Island. It is always a joy visiting to get into the Christmas spirit.


For 2015 Dickens on the Strand, follow the link to Melanie Sainturis’ blog:

Dickens on the Strand 2015 Dickens on the Strand 2015

©2017 Photography by Art&Inspire


Dickens on the Strand 2017 Parade

In contrast to the very cold Texas today, it was a perfect sunny afternoon for the Dickens on the Strand Parade!



2017© Photography by Art&Inspire



Spring is on the way and so is the Clean up!

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the Spring Cleaning! Time to declutter, but what are we looking at? A good advice is the rule of what you were not using or missing in a year goes – Do I see panic now with those boxes not touched in years :-)? I think the rule especially applies if we think of home supplies for instance.

Here a helpful Video from BuzzFeedVideo of 35 Things To Get Rid Of To Declutter Your Life:

35 Things To Get Rid Of To Declutter Your Life

©Artwork by Melanie Sainturi tulips